Verminator is a commercial pest control service provider. We provide professional pest management and pest control services in Kannur, Kozhikode, Malappuram, Wayanad, Kasargod and many more.

We work hard to deliver the best commercial pest control services. We offer quality Pest Control to Home, Office buildings, Industrial sectors, Hotels, Schools, Colleges, Lodges, Restaurants, Hospitals, Warehouses, and any other business locations.

Company cannot avoid the timely pest treatments and pest control in commercial space since its a commercial work environment for employees. In order to avoid pest attacks in property, this task is to be done by a professional pest control provider at a broader scale.

Verminator is an effective and leading commercial pest control service provider who manages to treat all your pest problems that are becoming a threat to your working or business. Our teams of best pest control professionals rigorously follow all your property rules and utilizes advanced technologies and tools to eliminate pests from your commercial area. We provide 100% safe and eco-friendly pest control to ensure maximum safety to your business and employees.

  • Hotel Pest Control
  • Restaurant Pest Control
  • Property Pest Control
  • Pharmaceutical Services
  • School Pest Control
  • Industrial Pest Control
  • Food Processing Pest Control
  • Healthcare & Hospital Pest Control

Verminator uses the most effective way to treat pests by using an Ultra Low Volume Spraying machine. This process ensures that the chemicals is applied evenly and will even wrap around the surfaces. The usage of an Ultra Low Volume spraying machine will spread the chemicals in very small droplets which in turn helps to cover large areas with minimal disruption and in a short time interval.

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